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Scarecrow Fest 2017

12 Oct


Food Truck Festival, August 10, 2017

2 Aug

Frankenmuth River Place Shops presents this special event….

Join us on Thursday, August 10th for the first Food Truck Festival at Frankenmuth River Place Shops!  Enjoy food options from 10 unique trucks as well as a beer & wine station.  There will be a live radio remote, children’s play zone, yard games, and more.  This event is also pet friendly!

Food Truck Post


Cass River Colonial Encampment 2017

3 Jul


History Comes to Life at Frankenmuth’s Cass River Colonial Encampment

FRANKENMUTH, Mich. June 20, 2017 — Visitors to Frankenmuth River Place Shops will have a chance to experience history like never before on July 15 and 16, during the annual Colonial Encampment.

This all-day event will feature tactical battle reenactments, a flag raising, musket firing, period concerts, games, a fashion show and many other events. Visitors will be able to tour military camps and shop at historical vendors.

With more than 250 actors, the annual event, which is free to attend, reenacts troops from the Revolutionary and French and Indian wars battling each other with everything from cannons to bare hands. Lighter moments are also featured, with historical actors playing voyageurs exploring the vast American wilderness from those times.

Frankenmuth’s Cass River property features a historic wooden bridge, which provides a perfect backdrop for this event.

“This event is a fun learning experience for the whole family,” said Michael Keller Zehnder, Cass River Encampment Event Coordinator and General Manager of the Bavarian Inn Lodge, who is thrilled to see history come to life.

If you are interested in participating in this family-fun event, reenactors can contact Brent Kemmer at Voyagers can contact Merlyn Hodge at


About Frankenmuth River Place Shops

Frankenmuth River Place Shops ( is an authentic re-creation of a Bavarian village located just minutes from the Bavarian Inn Restaurant and Lodge. The outdoor mall features more than 40 shops and attractions at one location. In addition to great shopping opportunities, visitors can enjoy historic architecture, floral gardens, streams, waterfalls, a full-service day spa, video arcade, tons of fudge, candies, popcorn and ice cream.

Frankenmuth River Place Shops to host Dog Bowl 2016

14 May


The Dog Bowl at the Frankenmuth River Place Shops will take place on May 28th and 29th, 2016 and include a number of exciting events like dock diving and disc competitions, a costume contest and obstacle courses! 

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, there’s now a mobile app that translates what your dog says into English. The following monologue (or “dogologue,” if you will) was provided by Gracie, my Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen:

I’ve been trying to tell you for a couple of years now that I want to try out for the Olympics! I’m young. I have enormous energy, as you keep telling me. There isn’t a squirrel in the neighborhood that isn’t terrified of me! (They run away from me, don’t they?)

Well, I heard about an amazing event called the Dog Bowl at the end of May! It is held at the River Place Shops in Frankenmuth, and it’s supposed to be the world’s largest dog Olympics! We really have to go! It happens on Memorial Day weekend. Oh, can we? Please? [Gracie was jumping up and down at this point.]

While you were out running, I went on YouTube and found the channel for the Bavarian Inn Lodge, one of Michigan’s top rated family hotels. There was a video of the Dog Bowl at the Frankenmuth River Place Shops, and in it were all these dogs having fun running, doing tricks, and chasing flying discs up in the air! There were big dogs, little—dare I say yappie—dogs, and dogs that look like frankfurters, and they were all having so much fun! There were dogs jumping into a pool after a toy; I think it was called a DockDog Competition. There were also dogs jumping obstacles and dogs in costumes, some of them even matching their humans!  LOL, imagine that!

Although I’m a very special breed, that doesn’t matter! You just have to be a dog! And I’m a dog, even though I’m special.

I almost forgot to tell you; there were balloons there at the same time—big hot air balloons! I would want to go in one so I can look down on everyone! They were racing balloons, and they race in packs, just like dogs do. The humans high up in the balloons must have a lot of wind in their faces, just like when I stick my head out the car window. At night, the balloons parked right by the Frankenmuth River Place Shops and just glowed in the night sky. How cool is that?

Oh, I’m so excited! Please take me to Dog Bowl, please! Please! Please! I can’t think of anything I’d rather—uh oh, there’s a squirrel!

This is Gracie’s person again. You can find out more about what Gracie was barking about by going to You’ll find details about the event, photos from past years, and a link to the little movies Gracie mentioned on YouTube. You can go for the day and bring your dog along, but I’d recommend staying the whole weekend. In 2016, the event will be held May 28th and 29th. Look into one of the best family hotels, the Bavarian Inn Lodge, and book a room (sorry, pets not allowed overnight).  I’d tell you how to get the dog-to-human translation app, but Gracie took my phone in her mouth when she went after that squirrel.

For more information on this event, visit the website at, contact us at 1-800-600-0105, or visit the River Place Shops at 925 South Main Street D-2, Frankenmuth, MI, 48734.

Frankenmuth River Place Shops’ Holmes to Run 100 Miles for Vets

1 Sep

Frankenmuth River Place Shops’ Holmes to Run 100 Miles for Vets

Employee aims to raise $100,000 for Wounded Warrior Project

While Steve Holmes never served in the military, his sense of duty to those that have is sending him on a mission of sacrifice and perseverance that will push him to his physical limits this fall.

The Frankenmuth River Place Shops employee is set to lead the Great Smoky Mountains 100-mile Run, Nov. 6 – 9 in Tennessee. Holmes’ goal is to present a $100,000 check to the Wounded Warrior Project based on donations from the run this Veteran’s Day.

“They put their lives on the line for us,” said Holmes, 60, a Millington resident. “A lot of them came back in pieces. I just want to give back and let them know, I appreciate it.” After retiring from General Motors, Holmes took a job in the grounds department of the Frankenmuth River Place Shops nearly two years ago.

“It’s a wonderful place to work,” he said. “The people are great and I get to meet folks from all over the world that visit Frankenmuth.”

Bavarian Inn Lodge, General Manager, Michael Zehnder said his company fully supports Holmes’ effort to help the veterans. “We’re pleased Steve took on this challenge,” he commented. “We encourage our employees to be active in causes they support.”

The idea for the run came together quickly. An avid runner, Holmes was out on one of his typical treks when he started thinking about the fact that he had never given anything for the freedom he had enjoyed his entire life. He also thought about his son, Steve Holmes, Jr., who had served and was active during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

After arriving back at home, he coincidently saw actor Bruce Willis giving an impassioned pitch for the Wounded Warrior Project on television. A veteran hiker of the Smoky Mountains, the idea for the run came to him in that instant. “We need to do this for them,” he said. “A lot can be done if everyone puts in a little bit of money.”

The Wounded Warrior Project serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound as a result of their military service on or after September 11, 2001. The organization funds combat stress recovery programs, physical health and wellness programs and economic empowerment via job training and educational services, among others.

Holmes began running after hanging up his boxing gloves in the late 1970s. He has competed in numerous runs over the years, including several marathons. These days, he’s busy training for the Great Smoky Mountains run.

He’s currently logging about 40 miles per week in runs that vary in length from 7 to 11 miles, Holmes said. He’ll ramp that mileage up to 50-60 miles per week by mid-September and then continue to train until a few days before the event.

All of the running keeps him fit, of course, but Holmes has also found it strengthens his marriage. “The more I run, the fewer things I do wrong” he said.

Holmes, Jr. and friend Nate Erdman will join him in Tennessee on the run, which will start some 28 miles north of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and conclude at the Fontana Dam. “There’s not too many dads that have a kid who is willing to run 100 miles with them,” said Steve. “It means a lot.”

A check for 100 percent of the proceeds raised from the run will be presented to the Wounded Warrior Project on Nov. 11 at the River Place Shops in Frankenmuth.

For more information about the run or to donate, please visit

Scarecrow Fest Video

29 Dec

I had a moment to work on one of our rainy day projects!

Check out this short promotional video for the Scarecrow Festival that takes place in October at the Frankenmuth River Place Shops. It is a FREE family event featuring all sorts of activities including Pumpkin Bowling, Face Painting, Pumpkin Painting, a Straw Bale Maze, Pumpkin Catapult, and more! Click Here to view the video on!

Cupcake Wars!

30 Oct

Heather and Adam Rousseau the owners of SugarHigh Bakery in the Frankenmuth River Place Shops will be competing on The Food Network’s popular television program CUPCAKE WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please watch the Food Network on THIS SUNDAY, November 4th at 8:00 p.m. to cheer them on.


The Bavarian Inn Zehnder Family is very proud of their accomplishments so far and wish the husband and wife duo much success this Sunday.  So please watch the show and cheer our fellow Frankenmuth business owners on!!!!