Easter Brunch at the Bavarian Inn Lodge

15 Mar

Easter is just around the corner!

Join us Easter Sunday, April 24 for our Beautiful Sunday Brunch at the Bavarian Inn Lodge.  Reservations are still available but filling fast.  Book today for the best seatings.

Enjoy a home cooked meal prepared by the Bavarian Inn Lodge.  More family time, no mess, and no clean up.   Call today at 1-888-775-6343 or 989-652-6711 to make reservations.  Reservation Required.

Learn more about our Easter Celebration by reading these special words from Judy Zehnder Keller:

Osterbrunnen Celebration

Once a year in the area of Franconia Germany (Northern Bavaria)  one will find many wells, trees, buildings and fountains richly decorated with colored Easter eggs, pine-branch garland, and spring flowers.

This tradition of decorating Easter Fountains in Germany is over 200 years old and is a reminder of how difficult it was in those early days to obtain clean water.

Germans joyfully greeted spring with celebrations at the wells. They developed beliefs of the water drawn on Easter night. They believed that children baptized with “new clean Easter” water would be very talented. They also believed that young women who used this water would be beautiful. Drinking the ‘new’ water was thought of as a miraculous medicine.

Easter eggs are a symbol of life.  They carry new life inside, which will eventually break through the shell.  The egg symbolized Jesus’ resurrection out of the grave and the resurrection to new life He promises us on the last day.

The combination of the two symbols, water and eggs, has led to a wonderful Christian tradition which is still copied in various ways by a number of communities.  In 2000, there were 206 documented cities and villages in Franconia Germany that followed this tradition.  Since Franconia is the area from which the early settlers of Frankenmuth originated; we thought it appropriate to mirror the Osterbrunnen tradition in our city.  The first Osterbrunnen Easter celebration began in Frankenmuth in 2008.

What’s on the Menu? 


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