Michie the Fish visits the Bavarian Inn Lodge

21 Feb

Posted on Meetings Michigan blog!

Michie’s Next Adventure: The Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth

Hello, Michie the fish here reporting about my adventure to the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth!   I swam into “Michigan’s Little Bavaria”, headed straight to the hotel to start my “staycation” and fun.  There is nothing fishy about this hotel but lots to do and great hospitality.  At the moment of entry I was greeted with a smile by the staff at the Front Desk.  The courteous team members were gracious in helping me check-in and they filled me in on all happenings of the Bavarian Inn Lodge.  I felt it was fate for me to arrive on Thursday, February 10th as this was the EXACT date of the Lodge’s 25th Anniversary!  During my stay I had the opportunity to explore all the historic displays throughout the hotel like the through stain glass exhibit, German murals and photos around the building.
I was also happy to learn that the Lodge was celebrating Chinese New Year right now!  They have all sorts of Chinese décor up throughout the Lobby and offer special activities for children each Friday and Saturday night.  I thought it would be a lot of fun to participate in celebrating the year of the Rabbit, so I purchased the Chinese New Year package from my new friend Stephan at the Front Desk!  Humans were wearing this as a Chinese hat but it worked very well as a chair for me.
This trip was not all about pleasure though, I had been asked to stop by the MTA conference and share my keynote presentation Creating a Vision for Your Township. The attendees could not have been nicer, and WOW what an amazing conference center the Bavarian Inn Lodge has!  I think this would make a great place for my annual conference “Living in a Dysfunctional School”.
When I arrived to my suite, I couldn’t wait to jump in the whirlpool tub!  Since it is Valentine’s Day weekend I phoned the Mrs. to join me as we all know Frankenmuth is a romantic place to visit.  I had planned a special surprise for her that included a candlelit World Famous Chicken Dinner (yes….even Fish love Frankenmuth Chicken!) , a horse drawn carriage ride through town and a moonlit stroll over the covered bridge!  But first, we enjoyed our Bavarian Inn Cranberry Wine while taking a dip and read up on the family history that our guestroom was named after.  Yes, it was like having a little museum in our own room as we learned about an original Frankenmuth family and how their lineage came about.
What fish doesn’t want to have fun?  The Family Fun Center was like our trip to Las Vegas… games, games, and more games.  Wow, there was so much to do, where would we start.  I played Deal or No Deal 10 times and won lots of tickets.  After checking out the more than 100 video and arcade games, I headed over to the indoor miniature golf course to play a round.  Even though I don’t have opposable thumbs, I did pretty well for my scaly self and even got a hole-in-one!   Since I love the water so much, I made time to experience all 5 pools that the Bavarian Inn Lodge has to offer.
After a nice dinner, the wife and I headed over to the Lorelei Lounge for drinks and popcorn.  I got the chance to meet the in-house entertainer and even join in on the tradition of singing the Schnitzelbank Song!  After a bit of live music, we headed to the Ratskeller Café for Karaoke, where I sang a rousing rendition of “I’m a Little Fishy”, but I guess most people sing it, “I’m a Little Teapot”, who knew.  What a great night it was.
Oh, and how could I forget the exciting new app that Frankenmuth has to offer…. gulp, gulp, gulp …. they have customized city tours that you can download right to your phone!  There are tours for Family Fun Seekers, Foodies and History Buffs!
My stay at the Bavarian Inn Lodge went so swimmingly.  This place is definitely a catch with all the fun and entertainment that is available.  We are planning on a return trip for Bringing Back the 80s Festival in April.  We can’t get enough of the 80’s Hair Bands!

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