December 4, 2010 – Photo 4

4 Dec

Today’s photo was difficult to choose.  I took a few different images from different locations and I feel I found this to be more of a, “Wow, what is that?” kind of a moment.  Many may not know that the Bavarian Inn Lodge holds many secret locations for picture taking.  One popular place for photographers is this or around this location.

This image is zoomed in to catch the light of the icicles, when zoomed out this photo is a small waterfall and stream system located just outside the building.  If you spend your time indoors when you visit next time, take a little walk around the building to see this scene.  Here the water is no longer running, the green moss is soaked and frozen and it gives you an idea of quietness and stillness located just outside from the rambunctious indoors of the Family Fun Center.  We all hope you have a wonderful Saturday.  This is more of a creative look at the Bavarian Inn Lodge.

Click here to read more about the 365 Day Bavarian Inn Photo Project.

Photograph by Justin R. Bamberg © 2010


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