Dorothy Zehnder takes on Johnny Burke

8 Jul

If this wonderful lady isn’t impressive enough at age 88, how about this challenge.  Dorothy Zehnder vs. Johnny Burke in a Strongwoman vs. Strongman competition.  Who will prevail?

On Saturday, July 3, 2010 WHNN’s and Frankenmuth resident Johnny Burke took on Bavarian Inn Restaurant founder, Dorothy Zehnder, in the Bavarian Strongman Contest.  The contest challenged each to hold a 1-Liter Mug of Hofbrau beer in front of them longer that the other competitor. Dorothy, 88,  triumphed over Johnny!  All those years of eating Frankenmuth chicken have paid off!  Johnny could not be reached for comments . . .

The contest was a fundraiser for the Johnny Burke Children’s Foundation.  Hofbrau of America donated $500 to the foundation.

Also known as Masskrugstemmen, the Bavarian Strongman contest continues every Saturday at 7:30pm in the Fischer Platz.  Winners of the weekly contest return August 14 for the Michigan finals.  The winner of the finals will go to New York City for a national competition.  The NYC winner wins a trip to Munich, Germany.


One Response to “Dorothy Zehnder takes on Johnny Burke”

  1. Nancy Engel July 8, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    Way to go Dorothy! You are a true inspiration to women everywhere! Love You!

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