Dog Bowl & Hot Air Balloons Recap

1 Jun

Frankenmuth River Place was the spot to be this warm weekend if you enjoy dogs or hot air balloons.  This is your recap of the weekends events with a few photos to showcase the highlights.  Stay tuned for a link to a majority of the photos that will be uploaded and viewable on the Frankenmuth River Place website.

Dog Bowl 2010 Kicked off on Saturday morning at 9:30 AM for the Big Air Wave Competition DockDogs.  With various other DockDogs events throughout the afternoon it was one of the bigger audience attractions for the day.  11:00 AM started the Disc Dog competition with fast running dogs jumping and retrieving Frisbee.  The goal is to get the Frisbee out as far as possible and have the dog catch it while jumping in the air.  There were quite a few talented dogs.

The early afternoon brought laughs with the Rock-N-Roll K-9 performances.  The dogs took center stage doing jumps, runs, maneuvers and running up inclines, just to name a few.  At 1:00 pm the Pet Parade began with a round of all types of dogs, some in costumes, hats or even sunglasses.  Shortly after the pet parade, started the Border Collie Sheep Herding Demonstration.  Highly skilled and trained Border Collie dogs herding the field to rounding up the sheep by listening to only a whistle.  All the whistle commands sounded the same to most of us, but actually there were several different commands being sent to the dogs, like run left, right, go around, back up, bring sheep forward and a few others.  The trainers did great at explaining the process and answering questions.  The stands were filled and the fencing around the field was standing room only.

After the Sheep Herding we had a delightful surprise with the Sky Divers that landed in the middle of the field.  They were happy to answer questions and meet with spectators to share how they do it.  At 2:30 pm the Doggie Dash De Lure race began.  What a great experience for those dogs that love to chase after small animals.  Some dogs seemed more excited to do it than others.  We had dogs that lost interest 50 ft. into the course, and some that were just too scared to try and would return to their owners.  some owners or children would run with their dogs to make them feel more comfortable and then we had some dogs that were really into it and ran so fast it was hard to get a good picture.  There were a couple of dog accidents on the course, and one dog was just so excited he ran right through the fencing to get the ground animal.  And we also has a dog that seemed to do a few cartwheels when he lost control while running at a high speed and flopped through the fence.  Gratefully, all the dogs were just fine and happy to go one more round.

Located at the Center Stage area of River Place was the Wiener Dog races at 5:00 pm.  Probably the largest crowd event at River Place.  There were people everywhere to check out these quick-little dachshunds.  Some of these special dogs were able to successfully make it from their starter person to the finish line person.  Others not so much.  Many of them either got confused, didn’t want to run or just too interested in making friends with the other dachshunds.  We had a couple of run-aways too, but gratefully they were able to find their way home to their owners a short time after visiting some other doggie friends.

Here is a list of some of the other activites, we had free face painting, children’s inflatables, Purina Pro Plan – Rally to Rescue where you could talk to an expert about everything related to their brand.  Also, the Dog Bowl King & Queen awards and the Dog Bowl Fashion Show.

Sunday was much like Saturday as far as the events.  A bit hotter than Saturday, but there were still plenty to experience.

The Hot Air Balloons competitions kicked off on Friday morning with a very early 6:00 AM flight! You could see balloons from miles away. Unfortunately, due to higher winds in the evening the balloons barely got up before they were given the red flag to come back down.

Saturday flights were on schedule for both the morning and evening flights.  We had a competition in the center balloon field to see who could get a streamer into the center of the field closest to the X.  Balloon, Rainbow Twist, was the winner of that competition. The evening Glow was spectacular and a nice close to the evening.  The audience loved getting on the field, visiting with the pilots and seeing the enormous balloons up close.

Sunday was hit as well.  Morning flight went great, evening flight too!  The Glow was a much different experience than on Saturday; we had Firworks!  Towards the end of the Glow, the City of Frankenmuth launched fireworks behind Zehnder’s Restaurant for all to enjoy while watching the balloons glow.  This was an absolute treat to end the balloon glow event.

Thank you Hot Air Balloons by dazzling us with your giantness, we hope to see you all again next year. And thank you to all the dogs that participated in this years events and can’t wait till next year to see your talents again.  And a great thank you to all of our sponsors that helped significantly with Dog Bowl and the Hot Air Balloons.  Lastly, we would like to thank our wonderful volunteers that helped set-up, clean-up, direct, give information and balloon helpers.

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