No Smoking (It’s a Michigan Law)

6 May
No if’s, and’s or butt’s: Michigan no smoking ban, it’s the Michigan Law

What does this mean for the Bavarian  Inn Lodge, great things for the health of our building, guests and employees.  Some time before the Michigan no-smoking law in all public areas went to effect, the Bavarian Inn Lodge started the transition of converting our select smoking rooms into non-smoking rooms.  This was an act that was in-place before the ban was talked about.  The only areas that allowed smoking at the time were in the Ratzkeller, Lorelei Lounge and outside.

This is official text from the website, ”

On May 1, 2010, Michigan residents and visitors will be protected from exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in all restaurants, bars and businesses (including hotels and motels), thanks to the Dr. Ron Davis Smoke Free Air Law.

women diningClean air is fundamental to good health. The public health and wellbeing of workers and customers alike is the best reason for state government to ensure smoke free businesses, including restaurants and bars. Smoke free air is good for Michigan residents, workers and visitors – and now – Michigan is serving smoke free air.”,1607,7-132-2940_2955_2973_55026—,00.html

What does this mean for us.  Well, no smoking in the hotel at all, not in the bars, lounges or even outside in our public outdoor patio where we server food and drinks.  We now have signs listing locations where smoking designations are located.

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant went smoke free except for the Bar back in 2001 and now after May 1st is completely smoke-free including the bar and outdoors in the Fischer Platz with live music, food, and drinks.


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