Linda Lee’s Youngest Fan

31 Jan

We are always delighted to receive stories to share about great experiences at the Bavarian Inn.  This one is unique as it originates from a staff member that was kind enough to record this wonderful event.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  10 year old Martin is probably one of, Bavarian Inn’s own, Linda Lee’s youngest fans.   This comes to you from a veteran staff member at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, Manager in our Hospitality Department, Kathy Walstad:

Today I met 10 year old Martin in the lobby.  He was asking me if Linda Lee was here today.  When I said yes his eyes lit up!  He said “she is my favorite accordion player.”  He said last year she played for his 10th birthday and he has an autographed picture from her that he keeps in his Bible!  I brought Linda to the table and Martin was in awe.  His parents said when he was a baby he wouldn’t go to sleep unless Linda’s CD was playing.  After hearing all of this I needed to do more.  I went downstairs to find some kind of Linda Lee keepsakes and unfortunately I couldn’t.  But I did find a red accordion (just like Linda’s).  I got a permanent marker and Linda and I went back to the table.  Martin opened his accordion and we could see that the first thing he noticed is that it was red as he looked at his and then Linda’s.  Linda then signed the accordion for Martin.


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