Stained Glass Murals Series (Part 4)

24 Sep


German decoration and family history and tradition is very important to the Bavarian Inn Family. All around the Bavarian Inn Restaurant and Lodge we showcase our traditions and history in art, photographs and decorations. Located at the Bavarian Inn Lodge there are 8 stained glass murals located in the Conference Center. Over the next 8 weeks we will showcase one mural. This is week 2.

In 1973, the Bavarian Inn Restaurant lower lobby was redecorated and transformed into a “family room”. These stained glass, free-handing panels, fashioned by local artist Bob Vavrina, were focal points and conversation pieces of the room. The windows were illuminated during the day by the outside light.

In 1987, during a large renovation to the Restaurant’s lower lobby, the stained class was put in storage. Now they are on display again – this time in the beautiful Bavarian Inn Lodge across the Cass River from the Restaurant.

Our fourth mural is the Founders Window:

This window highlights William Zehnder, Sr. and his wife, Emilie Bickel Zehnder.  They, together with their children established Zehnder’s Restaurant and the Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn.  These businesses are now in their fourth generation.

Right Center – Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Restaurant

This was formerly the Fischer Hotel and was purchased by the Zehnder family in 1950.  It was remodeled and renamed in 1959.  The Glockenspiel was added in 1967.

Left Center – Zehnder’s Restaurant

The first hotel in Frankenmuth was the Exchange Hotel.  This hotel was purchased by the Zehnder family and opened on Mother’s Day, 1928, as Zehnder’s Restaurant.

Stay tuned for the next 4 Stained Glass Murals. All the stained glass murals in this series are available for viewing to all guests located in the Conference Center of the Bavarian Inn Lodge.



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