Happy Birthday!

28 Aug


You don’t have to blow out all the candles on your birthday cake to have a perfect birthday celebration at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.  (You don’t even need to buy the cake!)

Here at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant and the Bavarian Inn Lodge, family is an essential part of our existence, as evidenced by the four generations of our family that’s worked since 1950 to make your family feel at home here.

So you can say — yes indeed — birthday is a special occasion here, as:

  • Over 34,000 guests have participated in a birthday celebration
  • More than 12,000 complimentary birthday cakes have been distributed
  • We’ve used over  20,000 birthday candles (alert the Frankenmuth Fire Dept!)

Aside from our long and deep birthday celebratory experience, the Bavarian Inn Restaurant is a great place to celebrate your birthday because we offer you:

A beautiful location – The Bavarian Inn and Frankenmuth itself is a storybook setting.

Homemade food — The recipes of  co-founder Dorothy Zehnder have been making people salivate, stand in line, sop up the last drip of gravy and come back for more for nearly 60 years!

Attentive, professional service — We may actually treat you better than your own family, that’s how important you are to us!

A million things to do before and after dinner — That’s only a slight exaggeration, but click here and start tallying up the activities for yourself!

Two ways to get free birthday dinner.*

You can try this first one, but it’s not always reliable: Hope someone in your family, a friend, co-workers or someone else remembers your birthday and invites you to dinner …

… or take advantage of one of these two proven ways:

1. Join the Bavarian Inn Perks Club, our friendly frequency program!

Perks that work for you!

The Bavarian Inn Perks Club works to save you money. For an annual fee of $10, you reap rewards for dining, shopping, rooms and more!

Some tell us they participate just for the FREE family-style chicken dinner in their birth-month! (your spouse receives one too in their birth-month!)

You earn Perks Club points on every dollar you spend at Bavarian Inn. When you hit 2,000 points, you get a $20 gift certificate (good for 18 months) for just about anything here at Bavarian Inn.

Put our “Perks” to work for you today!  Click here to join our Perks Club and you’ll begin to receive members-only offers on dining, lodging and shopping!

Birthday dinner does not require purchase of another dinner of equal or greater value and may be used as $10 toward a dinner other than chicken. Your birthday dinner offer is good for the month of your birthday, but we will extend it up to three months for Perks members.

2. Join our Birthday Club. It’s FREE no matter if your 18 or 99!

Make it a happy birthday dinner for you! You’ll receive our famous Family Style Chicken or three-piece chicken luncheon with the purchase of another meal of equal or greater value. Your Birthday Club birthday meal is valid any day in your birth-month. Sorry, the offer cannot be extended to any month other than your birth-month.   Click here to join our FREE birthday club!

Do you have a special Bavarian Inn birthday memory that you’d like share?

Have a fond memory of a birthday spent here? Maybe of your birthday, or that of a loved one who’s passed. We’d love to hear about it, see it too if you have photos.

May you have many more happy birthdays … here at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant!

(800) 228-2742 or (989) 652-9941

*Must be member of either program 45 days prior to birthday to receive free dinner.

Contact our professional staff for more information about private rooms and special arrangements for your birthday party.


One Response to “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Tony & Geri D'Anna November 18, 2009 at 3:30 pm #

    Dear Dorothy,

    May you have a Happy and Blessed 88th Birthday.

    We are so inspired with your energy and high work standards. We still get employees that worked at the Bavarian Inn that say they couldn’t keep up with you. We ask them if they were at 25-50%, if they say yes, we say okay and hire them immediately.

    Your attitude, faith, and living standards are a goal for us.

    God Bless,
    Tony & Geri D’Anna

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