Thank You Bavarian Inn – A Guest Story

27 Aug

Recently, the Bavarian Inn has been sending out survey’s to guests randomly about their experience at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant and Lodge.   In regards to that survey, a guest sent us a wonderful story about their experience with us.  Enjoy this great story from Kevin of Tecumseh, MI.

Thank you for the interest in our experience on July 29, 2009.

As usual, the food was outstanding and we all enjoyed the atmosphere and decor. We love coming to Frankenmuth, and particularly the Bavarian Inn.

We were there because my sister Kim, who now lives in Arkansas, had not been home in 9 years and came for a visit with her daughter Tess. She wanted to share our wonderful experiences with her daughter and revisit Frankenmuth as we did growing up. My 13yo twins, Kamdan and Keagan, had a fun time at lunch with their cousin Tess, who is also 13, and their grandparents (from Arkansas), and really enjoyed all that the Bavarian Inn had to offer. Not only were all the staff very warm, friendly, and fun but we especially appreciated your busy staff taking the time, between running from table to table and the kitchen, to allow us a photo opportunity with them. It is a wonderful record of our fun in Frankenmuth and will be appreciated for years to come.

Please do share with your team how much we truly notice their efforts and concerns to make sure we as guest have such a special experience!!!!

Particular things I noticed:

A lot of smiling, great care in dressing a table, constant cleaning, attention to youth (even teenagers….that’s pretty special), courteous/truthful suggestions regarding menu items/savings, helpful to each other (there seem to be a good team spirit).

We also enjoy so much of the shops, there at the Bavarian Inn. I always enjoy getting a bottle of my favorite wines and finding new ones. The bakery and candy shops are a must have stop and the other gift shops always have something unique for us to take home. The “NEW” and the “OLD” really do come together at the Bavarian Inn and make an experience wonderful for all ages.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you again.


Kevin  and Family
Tecumseh, MI

Thank you so much Kevin and Family for this great family story.  We love hearing about our guests experiences with us and enjoy being a part of their memories.



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